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The EDHS Choral Music Department has a wonderful legacy and commitment to providing students with a fantastic experience in high school music education and singing. This program is dedicated to inspiring students to be their best in all that they do in their studies, as individuals, and musicians. EDHS Choral Music maintains a high level of commitment and expectations to the program. 

All students with various singing abilities are welcome in EDHS Choral Music! Choirs are offered for beginning students learning to sing as well as auditioned ensembles for advanced musicians. Auditioned ensembles are a great fit for students who desire to further their studies at the collegiate level and pursue music as a career. 

The EDHS Department of Choral Music has produced many talented Alumni throughout the years. Our students have continued on to be music teachers, professional musicians, musical composers, Disneyland performers, cruise-ship performers, touring musical theatre actors, and perform on Broadway stages. 

Have a  EDHS Choral Music is the place for YOU! Do you love music? Join us and discover your talents, make life-long changing memories, meet new friends, be a part of a fantastic community and create beautiful music!

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